About Us

More than 210 million people rely on us to connect, explore and share the digital world.

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VEON provides essential communications and digital services to 210 million customers in ten countries which collectively have growing economies, populations and disposable incomes.


Creating a better future for customers, employees and communities is what matters to us.


That is why we are expanding mobile network infrastructure, rolling out new customer engagement platforms and using technology to improve the customer experience and make our support systems more efficient. With customers using more data than ever before, we are accelerating local data-based digital services to improve access and engagement for all.


We are driving long term growth from capital investment in our developing markets while reducing our operating costs in order to maximise shareholder returns.


This is all underpinned by our commitment to sustainability, ensuring our operations are run safely and ethically while fostering digital entrepreneurship and greater digital skills and literacy in our communities. Our values-based approach works to strengthen trust by building a responsible and sustainable business that benefits customers, employees, communities and shareholders.

Vision & Strategy

Our vision is to empower customer ambitions through technology 

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We serve dynamic economies, many of which have comparatively low smartphone use and internet availability. Faster generations of mobile network technology, such as 4G, are often new and not always widespread. This is rapidly changing, which presents future commercial opportunities for VEON but also challenges, at times, for local communities which we are committed to helping them address.


Our international leadership team is drawn from experienced executives from around the world. With deep expertise in their respective disciplines, our Global Group Executive Officers guide the development of our operating companies for the benefit of all our stakeholders. Each of these companies is in turn led by a locally-based Chief Executive Officer.  

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Values & Ethics 

Our culture is centred on clearly defined values and supported by a robust set of controls and an ethics and compliance framework that we are committed to. We see this as integral to achieving our goal of an organisation with the highest standards of ethics, integrity and compliance.