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VEON comprises a truly global workforce passionately committed to helping its customers to stay connected anytime, anywhere and to explore new digital opportunities.


Announced in 2016 to support our digital transformation, our values have become deeply ingrained in VEON’s identity, guiding the way we do business and interact with our colleagues, business partners, and customers.


Our pioneering spirit reaches back to our entrepreneurial roots, inspiring collaboration, innovation and above all truthfulness with ourselves and the outside world.

Code of Conduct 

Our Code of Conduct is a statement of legal and ethical principles that apply to all VEON companies, operations and employees. It defines our values and what is and is not acceptable in the areas of health, safety and security, how we interact with employees, customers, business partners, competitors, governments and communities, and how our assets and information are used. We have a commitment to integrity, highlighted in our values. By working for VEON, our employees agree to uphold this commitment.

  • VEON Code Of Conduct PDF

Business Partner Code Of Conduct

In addition to the high standards we set for ourselves, we have high expectations for our partners. We seek to work with suppliers who provide innovative, high quality products and services at competitive prices, and who are committed to making their own operations more sustainable through the management of their environmental, human rights and ethical business performance. 

  • Business Partner Code Of Conduct PDF

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VEON maintains several confidential tools that can be used to raise concerns about potential violations of the law, VEON's Code of Conduct, or our policies or procedures. VEON will not tolerate retaliation against any person who is trying to do the right thing by raising a concern. If you have any questions or require further information on VEON, please contact us.