Vision & Strategy

Our vision is to empower customer ambitions through technology

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Our Vision


Our vision is to empower customers ambitions through technology, acting as a digital concierge to guide their choices and connect them with resources that match their needs.


As a provider of communications and digital services, VEON aspires to be a leader in the use of predictive, cognitive technologies that can anticipate and serve the evolving demands of all our customers, drawing on our capabilities in big data analytics.

Our Three Strategic Pillars

Our company drives growth from interlocking sources of value:


Connectivity: mobilising a connected world
Comprising our traditional mobile and fixed line voice and data services, our connectivity businesses form the bedrock of our Group. Investing in networks and best-in-class technology is our first priority in delivering these fundamental services to our customers and the communities we serve.


New services: transforming customer experiences
Our growing ecosystem of new services fuse advanced technologies with customer insights to provide new, digitally-enabled experiences tailored individually to the needs and aspirations of our customers.


Future assets: imagining tomorrow’s possibilities
Led by VEON Ventures, future assets will explore new ideas and emerging technologies through which to develop the products and services of tomorrow that can scale globally and offer our company long-term strategic value.



Our Three Market Clusters


VEON’s markets are rich in their diversity, but naturally form three operating clusters, each of which plays an important role in sustaining the balance and reinvestment capability of our business.


Our cornerstone

Our largest, most mature market, Russia stands alone in terms of its scale and the opportunities it offers us across the full spectrum of advanced connectivity services.


Our growth engines

Comprising Pakistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, our growth engines are rapidly expanding markets, each in a sweet-spot of rapid services adoption.


Our frontier markets

Dominated in size by Bangladesh and Algeria, our frontier markets are early-stage and yet to reach their full potential but enjoy favourable long-term demographics and promising growth opportunities in connectivity services.