Amsterdam/Barcelona (27 February 2017) - VimpelCom Ltd. (NASDAQ: VIP), a leading global provider of telecommunications and digital services, today is becoming VEON as it reinvents itself into a global tech company and brings a revolutionary Internet mobile platform to hundreds of millions of customers in the markets of tomorrow.

VEON, headquartered in Amsterdam and serving over 235 million customers worldwide, is announcing partnerships with some of the world’s most popular, proven brands such as Deezer, STUDIO+ (Vivendi) and Mastercard to transform the personal internet experience. 

VEON is the name for both the company and its new personal internet platform, which integrates powerful data analytics and artificial intelligence to put the user in control. It tears down the archaic and inefficient bricks-and-mortar service model and replaces it with a smooth, easy, fun, contextual and intuitive experience where everything users need is at their fingertips.

The new name, along with the new internet platform, will be showcased this week to analysts and media in Barcelona in the context of Mobile World Congress.

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About VEON

VEON, a NASDAQ-listed global provider of communications services, formerly known as VimpelCom, aspires to lead the personal internet revolution for the 235 million customers it serves today, and many others in the years to come.

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