VEON’s commitment to rolling out 4G access across our operating countries remains as strong as ever, with figures showing 4G coverage has increased substantially over the past year.

In Russia, network investment continued during 2Q20 and Beeline Russia increased its number of 4G base stations by 24% YoY as at 30 June 2020. In Moscow, 4G population coverage reached 99.4% during 2Q20 alongside the start of 5G-ready deployment and boosting network deployment in the Moscow metro area.

In Pakistan, 4G capacity expansion in ongoing and at the end of 2Q20, the population coverage of Jazz’s data network was more than 62%.

In Ukraine, capex excluding licenses increased by 53.4% YoY in the second quarter this year as a result of a strategic focus on further 4G roll-out during the quarter, which achieved 4G population coverage of 81%.

“We remain excited by the growth opportunities we enjoy as our 4G network deployment program drives greater levels of customer engagement and services adoption,” said VEON’s co-CEOs Kaan Terzioglu and Sergi Herrero back in July during our Q2 financial results.