Pakistan has immense potential for solar power and the country’s entire electricity demand could be met by using just one thousandth of the countryside for solar generation.

In the small village of Kot Addu, Muzaffargarh, real initiative is being shown in the use of solar power for agricultural production.

While most of the community is simply absorbed in the daily grind, trying to put food on the table, Kaneez Mai decided to follow her dream to earn a sustainable livelihood using solar power. With regular power outages during Pakistan’s intense summers, Kaneez learnt all she could about the use of solar power and then applied her knowledge to the design of a solar-powered pump for farming irrigation.

To get things started, Kaneez approached VEON Group’s Mobilink Microfinance Bank to find capital to launch her agricultural venture. Using the loan capital, she invested in a solar-powered pump which formed the basis of her business. The income from the pump helped increase her future savings, aided her loan repayment, and cut costs as she no longer had electrical bills. Through the loan, Kaneez Mai is now able to run her business and provide a comfortable life for her family with her new income.