Kyrgyzstan is an emerging economy that is home to a blossoming start-up culture.

The country has a young population, with almost half of the people under the age of 25. A similar proportion also owns a smartphone, which is fuelling demand for mobile and internet services.

Beeline Kyrgyzstan is the leading telecommunications provider in the area, serving just under a third of the population. The company has made game-changing investments into the country’s telecommunications infrastructure in recent years and was the first to provide 3G services. Beeline Kyrgyzstan now offers 4G across much of the country to ensure customers are connected in an increasingly digital world.

Beeline Kyrgyzstan is encouraging the sustainable growth of the national economy through digital innovation. The company has created co-working centres in universities and libraries and partnered with the international non-profit organisation, Enactus, to help students develop entrepreneurial experience through building mobile applications.

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