Algeria is the second largest consumer market in North Africa and the largest by land mass in the entire continent.

Although many people own a smartphone and the majority use Facebook, high-speed internet coverage is comparatively limited.

Djezzy, Algeria’s second biggest mobile operator, is investing to make 4G more widely available. The company, which dates back to 2002, has an ambition to reach half of the population by 2021. Djezzy has doubled its number of retail stores to serve people’s increasing use of mobile connectivity. The company offers simplified data packages and innovative digital solutions specifically for customers who currently use only basic mobile services.

Djezzy, which is a combination of the Arabic “Djaza”, meaning reward and “Djazair”, meaning Algeria, is helping fuel the country’s early-stage digital startup ecosystem. Through its Ecole Nationale Polytechnique Incubator, experts and investors come together to create a space for digital entrepreneurial talent to flourish. By enabling online health, learning, retail and communications service platforms, Djezzy is supporting this growing, emerging economy.

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