Our approach to sustainability goes beyond corporate philanthropy. It is centred around the notion of using technology to empower communities.

VEON’s approach to sustainability consists of two important elements – our licence to grow and our licence to operate – and reflects our desire to forge valuable partnerships that benefit all our stakeholders.

VEON’s Digital Entrepreneurship and Digital Skills & Literacy programmes emphasise our licence to grow and help us to contribute long-term socio-economic value to the communities we serve.

Through promoting digital inclusion and creating new opportunities for our beneficiaries, these programmes also contribute to the demand for digital products and services, which in turn creates new opportunities for our business.

In parallel, our approach to earning and preserving our licence to operate is focused on efforts aimed at improving and sustaining our global operations. It emphasises good corporate citizenship, ethical behaviors, and operational performance.

VEON is committed to creating social and business value by making impactful investments that help create new services, partnerships, and forums, which in turn enable and empower the people we serve.

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Sustainability Report 2019

VEON Sustainability Report 2019 presents the impact of our economic, environmental and social activities across our 9 markets. It highlights our values and governance model, and demonstrates the link between our strategy and our  commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Reports & Data

All our past reports, and any accompanying data and assurance letters, are available to download in one place. These provide details on our progress and our challenges, as we connect our vision to our actions.

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Sustainability Report 2019 (PDF – 5MB)