Share Ownership

VEON Ltd. Ownership Structure, as of 31 March 2023

Shareholder Effective Common Shares, total

% of Common

and Voting Shares

Total shares in issue (1)  1,756,731,135 100.0%
Letterone Investment Holdings S.A. 840,625,000 47.9%
The Stichting (2) 145,947,550 8.3%
Exor Capital LLP


Shah Capital Management Inc. 87,669,975 5.0%

Source: public US SEC filings

Certain figures and percentages that appear in this table have been subject to rounding adjustments. As a result, certain numerical figures shown as totals may not be exact arithmetic aggregations of the figures that precede or follow them.

(1) For more information please refer to VEON Form 20-F

(2) The Stichting Administratiekantoor Mobile Telecommunications Investor