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Summary and Purpose

With more than 212 million customers, we have always prioritised the treatment of Personal Data with the utmost care. We consider proper data protection as key to maintaining customer trust. The following principles set out the way we will collect, use, store, share, transmit, delete or otherwise process (collectively “process”) your Personal Data. Personal Data means any information that relates to an identified or identifiable individual. This standard will be used across the VEON Group, providing adequate and consistent protection for the processing of your Personal Data.

How We Handle Personal Data – Our Principles

We handle your Personal Data in line with our privacy principles:

  1. We follow the law: We respect and follow the laws and regulations of the countries where we operate and where our customers and employees live and work.
  2. We respect user rights: We respect individual rights around Personal Data. We give you choices around your Personal Data in accordance with local laws.
  3. We only collect what we need: We make sure that there is a legal reason for the handling, processing and use of Personal Data We collect and keep only relevant and not excessive amounts of Personal Data in respect of each relevant processing purpose.
  4. We tell you what we’re doing: We provide notice to tell you why and how we process your Personal Data, with any additional purposes being both lawful and compatible with the original purposes.
  5. We provide security: We secure Personal Data and protect it by putting appropriate technical and organisational security in place which is designed to protect your Personal Data from unauthorised access, use, alteration, loss, disclosure or transfer.
  6. We allow you to make updates: We ensure that Personal Data is accurate and up to date by giving you tools to update and amend Personal Data if necessary.
  7. We use trusted providers: We ensure that third parties and vendors who handle, process or use Personal Data on our behalf are properly assessed and comply with our privacy policies.
  8. We don’t keep data forever: We keep Personal Data for no longer than is necessary, either by law or for justifiable business reasons.
  9. We make data travel safely: We ensure that all transfers of Personal Data outside the country where it is collected are made in compliance with applicable laws and with all other appropriate steps being undertaken.

Putting Principles into Practice

We put our principles into practice every day, across all of our operations. To do this, we’ve developed internal processes and structures to make sure you can trust us with your Personal Data, including:

  • Governance & controls: We take privacy seriously at all levels in our group. We have developed policies, procedures and controls to operationalise our privacy principles. We have also implemented a governance framework to foster accountability across the VEON Group. Each VEON Group company, including each business and support function, must ensure that all handling, processing and use of Personal Data is carried out in accordance with our internal privacy policies and procedures and with applicable law and regulation. Where local laws impose a higher or more specific standard, we will follow that standard.
  • Ensuring compliance: We conduct regular assessments to ensure that all VEON Group companies and personnel comply with these privacy commitments. We monitor compliance with our internal privacy policies and procedures and report status to relevant senior management. We also ensure that all relevant personnel within the VEON Group are fully informed and aware of their obligations to treat user Personal Data safely and securely. As an added measure of review, we conduct internal audits to provide independent assurance on the effectiveness of and compliance with our internal privacy policy and procedures.


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