16 - 19%

Revenue Growth
mid-term CAGR
in local-currency

19 - 22%

mid-term CAGR
in local-currency

USD 900m – 1bn

equity free cash 
by 2027


share of multiplay 
by 2027

VEON Capital Markets Day
6 June 2024

At VEON CMD 2024, we outlined our successful performance in line with the ambitions we set in CMD 2021 and set out our vision for 2027 as a growth company. As we announce our ambition for 16-19% revenue growth in local currency, we remain focused on responding to the demand in our markets for digital services with our Digital Operator model, expanding into adjacent verticals and growing our wallet share, enabling augmented intelligence for all with AI1440, maintaining our disciplined balance sheet management and unlocking investor value through delayering and creating strategic assets.

Our leaders have shared this vision and how we plan to achieve it in each of VEON’s markets during our CMD24, highlights from which we are happy to share.

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Kaan Terzioglu
Group CEO

“Over the past three years, we have transformed our companies into digital operators and demonstrated that emerging markets are in fact an exciting growth opportunity for global investors. Our aspirations from 2023 through 2027 set the bar higher as we aim for 16%-19% CAGR growth in our Group revenues, 19%-22% CAGR growth in our Group EBITDA and close to USD 1 billion in equity free cash flow generation.

“We are optimistic about the potential of our markets, and confident in the foundations that we built with our digital operator strategy to capture wallet share. Furthermore, we are also set to unlock greater growth opportunities with augmented intelligence as we launch our AI1440 focus. We remain focused on turning this operational success vision into investor value with further steps in delayering our business and enhancing the accessibility of our assets to local investors.”

Joop Brakenhoff

Group Chief Financial Officer

“With a laser focus on capital allocation, fair value pricing and efficient balance sheet management, VEON has delivered profitable growth while optimizing its capital structure and reducing debt. The Group’s gross debt decreased from USD 7.6 billion in 2021 to USD 2.7 million in 1Q24. Our leverage ratio has likewise declined from 2.4x to 1.5x over the same period. Our aim is to maintain VEON’s leverage ratio below 1.5x and extend the average tenor of its debt from 3.4 years in Q1 2024 to over 4 years by 2027. Looking ahead, VEON Group will focus on capturing organic growth opportunities accelerated by our DO1440 and AI1440 strategies, while unlocking value in our infrastructure, operator, and digital assets.”

Aamir Ibrahim

Jazz CEO

Pakistan presents a massive digital growth opportunity, with a population of 244 million, 64% of which is under the age of 30. Over 100 million of the adult population remain unbanked and mobile data penetration is only 55%. Closing this digital divide represents vast potential for economic growth and social progress. Jazz is Pakistan’s #1 mobile operator by revenue market share and is strategically positioned to be a key driver of the country’s digital transformation. Jazz already offers a robust digital infrastructure beyond just connectivity. Its portfolio includes Pakistan’s leading fintech JazzCash, the country’s largest OTT platform Tamasha, and the largest onshore cloud & cybersecurity platform Garaj.

Key Ambitions through 2027 

  • Revenue CAGR from 2023 to 2027 of 19-22%
  • 25% of total revenue to come from digital businesses by 2027

Oleksandr Komarov

Kyivstar CEO

As Ukraine’s market-leading operator and a top-5 investor, Kyivstar has invested in not only keeping Ukraine connected but also building its digital future with innovative services since the beginning of the war. As Ukraine rebuilds, a robust digital infrastructure is key to a thriving economy. The company focuses on expanding 4G to virtually every corner of the country, and on serving Ukrainians with the digital services that Ukraine needs, from healthcare platform Helsi to entertainment service KyivstarTV to the MyKyivstar superapp – delivering growth for Ukraine, Kyivstar customers and investors.

Key Ambitions through 2027 

  • Revenue CAGR from 2023 to 2027 of 10-13%
  • Non-connectivity revenue c.10% in total revenue, growth of >50% by 2027
  • EFCF growth of 10-15%

Gaukhar Adilova

Beeline Kazakhstan CFO

Beeline Kazakhstan has a successful track record of consistent double-digit growth, driven by the Digital Operator strategy. With a full range of digital services including BeeTV, the MyBeeline super app, financial services application Simply, BeeCloud, and digital second brand IZI, Beeline Kazakhstan leads the digitalization of the country. The company is currently focused on software developments and AI-first tech solutions with its IT subsidiary Qazcode.

Key Ambitions through 2027*

  • Revenue CAGR from 2023 to 2027 of 14-17% 
  • EBITDA margin increase by 1 p.p. from 2023
  • EFCF growth of 100%

*Note: All figures for Kazakhstan include TNS+ and will be adjusted if the sale completes

Erik Aas

Banglalink CEO

A young population with a hunger for digital services, a rapidly evolving infrastructure and an accelerating economy - these are just some of the factors making Bangladesh a market primed for growth. This represents an opportunity for Banglalink, the country’s leading digital operator, to serve the growing demand and deliver value for the country, the people and investors. Beyond connectivity, Banglalink also leads the way in digital services with Toffee, the leading digital entertainment app in Bangladesh, and the MyBL Super App. With its innovative approach, Banglalink is well-positioned to serve Bangladesh's digital ambitions, generating growth for all.

Key Ambitions through 2027 

  • Revenue CAGR from 2023 to 2027 of 15-18%
  • Digital revenue to reach 20% of total revenue
  • Deliver annual EFCF of USD 100 million

Andrzej Malinowski

Beeline Uzbekistan CEO

Beeline Uzbekistan is Uzbekistan’s leading digital operator, spearheading the digital revolution in a country with a young, fast-growing population that is hungry for digital services. The company serves growing demand with 4G investments and digital services in mobile finance, entertainment and learning with applications like Beepul, Kinom and OQ. It also contributes to the digitalization of Uzbek businesses with big data and adtech solutions, powered by its subsidiary VEON Adtech. The company already serves 40% of its customer base with 4G connectivity and at least one digital service – multiplay customers – and expects to see robust topline performance and exponential growth in non-connectivity revenues.

Key Ambitions through 2027

  • Revenue CAGR from 2023 to 2027 of 26-29% 
  • Data & digital revenue CAGR from 2023 to 2027 of 28-31%
  • AdTech revenue CAGR from 2023-2027 of 101-104%

Hasnain Malik


The presentation outlines the economic trajectory of frontier markets from a period of crisis to recovery. It addresses the recent economic scarring and subsequent policy adjustments aimed at economic improvement. The outlook section discusses short-term high nominal growth with specific risks for countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh, and long-term opportunities and risks for various nations. Additionally, country-specific opportunities and risk factors are highlighted, emphasizing Pakistan's relief from commodity prices, Ukraine's financial support, and Kazakhstan's geopolitical and economic reforms.

Key Takeaways and Ambitions to 2027

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Group Director of Communication

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Group Director of Investor Relations 


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