06 Jul 2017

Notice of cancellation of guarantees

Amsterdam, 6 July 2017 – VimpelCom Holdings B.V. (the “Issuer”), a wholly owned subsidiary of VEON Ltd., today announces the termination of each of the Guarantees in respect of the following notes, each issued by the Issuer:

 Notes represented by the Unrestricted Global Note CertificateNotes represented by the Restricted Global Note Certificate
RUB 12,000,000,000 9.00% notes due 2018 
(the “RUB Notes”)
ISIN: XS0889402029 
Common Code: 088940202
ISIN: XS0889402458 
Common Code: 088940245
USD 600,000,000 5.20% notes due 2019 
(the “2019 Notes”)
ISIN: XS0889401054
Common Code: 088940105
ISIN: US92718WAD11 
Common Code: 088995449
CUSIP: 92718W AD1
USD 1,000,000,000 5.95% notes due 2023
(the “2023 Notes”)
ISIN: XS0889401724
Common Code: 088940172
ISIN: US92718WAE93 
Common Code: 088995945 
CUSIP: 92718W AE9


The RUB Notes, the 2019 Notes and the 2023 Notes are referred to herein as the “Notes”.

Unless otherwise defined herein, capitalised terms used in this notice shall have the meanings ascribed to them in each of the trust deeds entered into in respect of the Notes, between the Issuer, Public Joint Stock Company “Vimpel Communications” (formerly Open Joint Stock Company “Vimpel Communications”) and BNY Mellon Corporate Trustee Services Limited (the “Trustee”), each dated 13 February 2013 (together the “Trust Deeds” and each a “Trust Deed”).

The Issuer has exercised its option to terminate the Guarantees pursuant to clause 6(N) and 6(P) of each of the relevant Trust Deeds.

Please refer to the prospectus in respect of the Notes (dated 11 February 2013), specifically the section entitled Terms and Conditions of the Notes, which provides further information on the option of the Issuer to terminate the Guarantees.

In accordance with the provisions of the Trust Deed, the Guarantees automatically terminated on 30 June 2017, being the fifth Business Day after notice of such termination was delivered by the Trustee to the holders of each of the Notes (except that the Guarantees will continue to apply to the Issuer’s obligation to redeem Notes on exercise of the Put Option until the Put Option has expired or been satisfied).


Contact information

Investor Relations
Bart Morselt

Media and Public Relations
Maria Piskunenko

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