02 Feb 2015

Translation of the CIS BU press-release: Beeline launches LTE in Georgia

February 1, 2015, Tbilisi. LLC Mobitel (TM Beeline Georgia) announces the commercial launch of its fourth generation (LTE) mobile network  on the  800 MHz band in Georgia. The Beeline LTE network is available in 30 cities, covering more than 40% of the population , and provides  user-speed mobile data services of up to 70 Mbit / s.

Commenting on the event, Andrey Patoka, Head of the CIS Business Unit, said: " The LTE launch for Beeline Georgia is a huge technological leap from second generation networks focused on voice services directly to the fourth generation, where the main service is high-speed data transmission. This experience, reflecting the latest trends in the industry, is unique for the VimpelCom group. We are proud that the commercial  launch of our LTE network is happening just 3 days after receiving the license. I am sure that 4G services will significantly improve the customer experience and give new impetus to the Beeline Georgia business through the development of our data services segment. "

Giorgi Tkeshelashvili, CEO of Beeline Georgia, said: “We made a commitment to introduce fourth generation services in Georgia, and we realize that this is  a big responsibility for  Beeline. The majority of the population in Georgia will get high speed internet access with the new technology, including rural regions. This means that our subscribers will be able to communicate more,  improve their knowledge thereby increasing Georgia’s's intellectual potential, and create and promote new solutions in various industries. This project will be Beeline’s most ambitious social investment in the technological future of Georgia. "

Recall that the company "Mobitel" won the tender for the license 4G, conducted by Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) on December 29, 2014. The license was obtained January 29, 2015, valid for 15 years. Under the terms of the license, the company is obliged to introduce 4G network in at least 30% of settlements with population less than 5,000 people before February 1, 2016, 50% - until February 1, 2017, 70% - until February 1, 2018 year. By February 1, 2020 Beeline 4G network should cover 90% of the settlements in Georgia.

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