19 Jul 2017

VEON shareholders elect new independent Supervisory Board directors.

Amsterdam, 19 July 2017 – VEON Ltd. is proud to announce the launch of our new global personal internet platform in many of our key markets, including Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Pakistan, with Italy following towards the end of the week. The platform provides contextualized, personalized internet experiences and opportunities, enabling our customers to access information and services, and engage with their world, in an entirely new way.

Today, features launched in VEON include:

  • CONNECT: calls, messages and live chat through the app to all users
  • SHARE: music, video, photos 
  • EXPLORE: read, watch, listen
  • CONTROL: manage account and top up
  • INTEGRATED: all services are located in a single digital access point

For more details please visit our blog.

Contact information

Investor Relations:

Bart Morselt


Media and Public Relations:

Roland Sladek


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