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Making AI your rocket fuel for growth: VEON supports Uzbek businesses with data insights

The world of retail is increasingly turning to data science to determine what, where and when it should sell products.  In Uzbekistan, at the forefront of this research is Beeline Uzbekistan, the country’s leading digital operator, and VEON AdTech, a new business within the VEON Group that works with advertisers and retailers to establish marketing strategies based on data analytics.

Samarkand Darvoza, one of Uzbekistan's largest shopping centres, had the same question that businesses all over the world have: How to make sure customers leave the venue having found all that they need. They have asked Beeline Uzbekistan to work out how customer traffic data could be used to visitor satisfaction with the shopping experience and to fuel growth for local businesses located in the mall. 

Beeline Uzbekistan, with capabilities developed by VEON AdTech, was able to raise to the challenge – using anonymised data that show when and where customers were visiting the shopping centre, and what their expectations might be based on their demographic profile.

According to Shokir Mirsaidov, Commercial Director of Samarkand Darvoza Shopping and Entertainment Centre, the geo-analytics provided valuable insights into its customers:We wanted to understand the behavior, number and composition of people visiting our shopping visitors.  The analysis we received gave us a clear understanding of our customers, but perhaps more importantly it also told us about the people who were not visiting.”

VEON AdTech’s analysis based on anonymized aggregated data showed that, of Samarkand Darvoza’s18,000 daily visitors, the largest contingent were men between 26 and 35 years of age and the most popular time to visit the shopping centre being 9pm.  It also learnt that 18.6% of people only visited to go to the food court, showing the shopping centre that it was a dining destination in its own right.

VEON Group companies’ support to business growth does not end with this. VEON AdTech is also pioneering new means for retailers to reach their customers through AI-powered precision marketing.  This enables advertisers to send personalised and targeted communication to existing and new customers, based on their approval, interests, preferences and behaviour.  The service also protects consumers from informational pollution though targeting of interests and the implementation of permissions-based protocols with easy opt-outs.

Among the first customers for precision marketing has been a country-wide pizza chain. Partnering with Beeline Uzbekistan, the chain deployed VEON AdTech’s precision marketing capabilities combining customer analytics with discounts and special offers. VEON AdTech specialists honed in on the desired audience segment: individuals aged 18 to 40and residing within a two-kilometer radius of the specified branches. The campaign was successful in delivering 73% increase in the chain’s mobile application traffic and supporting a 58% boost in sales.

“There is a famous quote in the advertising industry from a 19th century US merchant called John Wannamaker, who once said, ‘Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half,’” explains George Held, VEON AdTech’s CEO.  “With geo-analytics and targeted advertising, we can first pinpoint both who retailers need to reach and then deliver a customised message to them.  The days of wasting half your advertising budget are over.”

The new digital marketing capabilities are being developed at VEON AdTech’s headquarters in Tashkent, Uzbekistan following its formation in April 2023.  In partnership with its sister company Beeline Uzbekistan, VEON Adtech uses Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning technologies to deliver high-precision marketing services across the banking, retail and hospitality sectors. VEON plans to expand the services and capabilities of VEON AdTech across its digital operators in six countries that are home to more than 7% of the world’s population, and potentially through other mobile operators worldwide.

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